Employee Surveys

A well designed employee survey gives feedback on leadership practices, fairness of pay, workplace relationships, team spirit, and opportunities for personal development, among other things. These are all critical components of employee engagement.


By measuring these components, HR and line managers have the ability to identify the root causes of underperformance and to initiate change. In most cases, companies can realise immediate benefits by acting on the issues identified through an employee opinion survey.

We work in collaboration with People Essentials. Their employee survey platform is uniquely positioned to help organisations achieve better results through their people – without the expensive overhead.


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Quick and Easy to

Surveys can be completed on mobile, tablet, desktop and paper.

We use straightforward, easy to understand language so you end up with more honest and meaningful answers.

Our off the shelf surveys take an average 10 minutes to complete ensuring that more people respond.

Easy Read Reporting

Our reports highlight key themes, strengths and areas for improvement and include unique analysis of engagement, satisfaction and commitment levels.

We can also breakdown the findings so you can compare the responses of different demographic groups and benchmark your results with other organisations.

Personalised Branding and Questions

First you decide what you want to find out and then how often you want to survey your people (weekly, monthly or annually?).

Our off the shelf surveys ask a range of questions using free text questions and scaled response statements.

Surveys are tailored with your logo, personal message(s) and organisation structure. We can also add some of your own questions or develop a bespoke survey from scratch.

Inclusive Testing

We test the survey before sending out the email invitations – to make sure it gets through your firewall and avoids the spam box!

We also build in time to pilot our bespoke surveys to make sure they do what you need them to.

Anonymous and

We comply with MRS guidelines on employee research so your people know their responses will remain confidential and anonymous.

We know anonymity encourages people to participate and be more open and honest. We also know, from experience, that people like the reassurance of using an independent provider.

Upfront and Follow Up Support

We offer telephone & email support throughout the survey process – and beyond!

We’ll also advise you how to maximise response rates as better levels of response lead to more meaningful results and higher impact actions.

Inclusive Administration and Response Tracking

We do all the administration and response management to save you the time and hassle of doing it yourself.

That includes providing you with regular updates and sending out reminders.

Straightforward Pricing

Our realistic pricing means you can achieve measurable return almost immediately.

We typically provide off the shelf and bespoke surveys to organisations with up to 1000 Employees.

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Example Survey Dashboards
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If you would like to talk to us about employee surveys call us on 0345 4599710 or email admin@pvhr.com