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Session Overview

These days the demands placed on us and sometimes the demands we place on others are huge… it’s no wonder that stress is now a recognised occupational health issue and costs industry millions every year. This workshop will help participants get to grips with what stress is and how to manage it – for themselves and their teams, therefore ensuring goals can be reached without an adverse effect on health.

Who’s it For?

Anyone who wants to understand more about stress so that they can help themselves and others, plus learn about some techniques for combating stress.

What’s Covered?

Stress - Exactly What is it?

  • ​A definition of stress

  • The difference between stress and pressure – the tipping point

  • What causes stress and why it differs in us all

Personal & Team Stress

  • ​How stressed am I?

  • Coping mechanisms

  • Techniques for reducing stress

  • Helping teams under stress

  • How and when to refer to Occupational Health

  • Reviewing team behaviours

Stress - How Does it Present Itself?

  • ​The signs and symptoms of stress

    • Physical signs

    • Behavioural signs

    • Emotional signs

    • Intellectual signs

  • Fight or flight syndrome

Next Steps
  • Design your very own stress busting day

  • How to manage the return to work post absence for you or a team member

  • Organisation support systems

  • Planning for the future


Session Benefits

  • Clear understanding of what stress is and the signs of stress

  • Assess your own stress level

  • Discover techniques for coping with and reducing stress


Workshops are delivered by experienced training and development professionals.

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.
This training course can be run at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

For more information and costs please contact us on 0345 4599710 or email

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