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Case Study – NHS Health Education England



The client was Health Education and a range of managers from first level to high level were on the Managers Development Programme (MDP) which was 12 months long and included three coaching sessions using a Gallup Strengths finder psychometric assessment and two Pearn Kandola 360 feedback questionnaires (one at the beginning and one at the end of the 12 month programme).

As a qualified executive level  coach I was asked to be part of a larger coaching team for PVHR and was allocated around 80 coachees through the length of the two year programme.


My role was to run three coaching sessions per coachee starting with emailing them individually and diarising the three sessions over the 12 month period. Prior to each coaching session I read the 360 questionnaire results (not seen by the coachee prior to the sessions) and the Gallup Strenghs results for each coachee.

The main challenges faced by the coachees was that of sticking to the agreed diarised coaching session, especially the third session. In the latter half of the two year programme there was a massive organisational change programme introduced for HEE whose name was disbanded and all jobs for most coaches were at risk etc. Each coachee had to apply for either their own role or a new role in order to keep being employed by the wider NHS England.

Key issues that needed resolving were that of ensuring that coachees remained on the programme and with the great help of the HR team at PVHR this was all maintained and up to date.


My actions were to ensure that the three coaching sessions for each coachee took place and that each coachee had an action plan to work with in order to continue their self development after the programme had finished for them.


The majority of the coachees were very satisfied with their individual coaching sessions and many also had light bulb moments about their own capability and how they could use their new skills to develop self and their team colleagues.

The coaching sessions gave the coachees as space to be open and honest about how they were feeling about the change programme (this had a huge impact in year 2) and developed lots of self-belief around transferrable skills and potential to advance in their organisation (or the new organisation post HEE).


“I have found the coaching sessions very beneficial and have gained so much confidence at work over the last year.  Onwards and upwards!” – Coachee from Cohort 23

“Thank you for sharing the feedback doc and for your support and advice in our coaching sessions – I found it tremendously valuable. As you can see from my signature, I’ve taken your advice for registering as a full member with CMI so we might ‘bump’ into each other through this medium. – Coachee from Cohort 19

“Thanks Rob.  I have just been looking through and can see lots of improvement and areas to focus on which may be related to recent events.  Thanks for your time and the coaching opportunity, it was really helpful to my leadership journey.” – Coachee from Cohort 18

“Thank you for the 360 report Rob and an even bigger thank you for your support and guidance during this programme and our meetings.  Getting comfortable with being uncomfortable will stay with me forever (and I’ve passed it onto my daughter already – 14 year old teenagers are uncomfortable about EVERYTHING! 😊).”  - Coachee from Cohort 15

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