Job Descriptions

"Boring!" we hear you say! Yet Job Descriptions are necessary. How can you recruit, induct, train or develop someone effectively if you do not know what you expect of them? How can they perform to an optimum level if they don’t know what is expected of them?
More often than not if you are taken to tribunal by a dissatisfied employee the panel will ask you if you have a Job Description, regardless of the case.

Job Descriptions

A Job description improves an organisation's ability to manage people and roles in the following ways:


  • Provides way of measuring job performance.

  • Provides continuity of role parameters irrespective of manager interpretation.

  • Enables pay and grading systems to be structured fairly and logically.

  • Prevents arbitrary interpretation of role content and limit by employee and employer and manager.

  • Essential reference tool for discipline issues.

  • Enables factual view (as opposed to instinctual) to be taken by employees and managers in career progression and succession planning.​

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