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Intergenerational Working

Hi – I am Alyson Pellowe CIPD with 23 years running my own HR and Training Business Tim has kindly asked me to be part of his newsletter and to add some complementary thoughts!

This time I thought we could look at Intergenerational working…


With the general population working longer in the workplace different age groups are working and collaborating on projects in day to day work can present unique challenges and opportunities from a leadership perspective.

I have prepared four aspects for you to consider for your world of work:

1. Diverse Communication Styles: We need to recognise that different generations may have distinct communication preferences. While younger employees may prefer digital communication and instant messaging, mature employees may prefer face-to-face interactions or email. All leaders  should foster an inclusive communication environment that accommodates various styles to ensure effective collaboration.

3. Flexible Work Arrangements: This isn’t just for covid times – it is forever! We have to acknowledge the varying priorities and needs of different generations. If not already done so implement flexible work arrangements that accommodate the work-life balance expectations of employees across different age groups its bound to end in increased job satisfaction and productivity.

4. Recognition and Rewards: We need to understand the motivations of employees from different generations. While younger workers may value recognition and feedback, mature employees may prioritise stability and long-term incentives. Develop a rewards system that considers these preferences to ensure that all employees feel valued and motivated.

By taking some time to reflect on these aspects leaders can effectively manage intergenerational dynamics and therefore promoting a harmonious and productive workplace which will naturally contribute to the overall success of the organisation.

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