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HR for the Small and Medium Business Owner

This is a 1-day course giving a general idea of must-have HR requirements 
for you and your business. This session will help you understand a variety of situations and how to manage them in the fairest way. 

Who’s it for? 

This 1-day course is for small business owners or those in a role who have a responsibility for HR or will be looking to go into the role in the future. 

What’s Covered? 

Employee Contracts 

  • How to write an employee contract. Understand how to write an employee contract with all the right parts, understand why they are so important and how they affect you and your business. 

  • What to expect. Be prepared for what to expect, understand what could go wrong and the difficult parts of employee contracts. 

  • Breakdown of contracts and what is right for you and your business. Understand the contracts that benefit you and your employees and be able to formulate one that benefits everyone equally. 

Absence Management 

  • What causes absence. Understand what absence is, what causes it, what mitigating circumstances are and how to confidently work around these special conditions. 

  • Protecting your business from high absence. Understand what is considered a high level of absence, be able to pinpoint how this affects you and your business and how to prevent it. 

  • Managing absence. Know how to manage your staff absence, what causes it and ultimately how to prevent it. 

Paying and Retaining Staff 

  • How to pay staff properly. Understand how to choose the pay system that’s the right fit for your business and employees, understand your employees needs and be able to effectively communicate about pay. 

  • Effectively retaining staff. Understand what makes staff leave, why they can make that decision and how to best prevent it and look after your staff. 

  • Pay slip breakdown. Understand what goes into a pays lip, how to read it and what everything means. Ensure that your employees also understand. 

Disciplinary and Grievance 

  • How to conduct a proper disciplinary. Evaluate what a disciplinary is and understand how it all comes together to form the procedure. 

  • What to do if something doesn’t go to plan. Be able to adapt on the fly and understand why you may have to make these adaptations. Be able to correctly identify the procedure to help with the specific problem. 

  • Dismissing employees. Understand the reasons that can contribute to the dismissal of an employee. Be able to accurately identify the procedures involved in a dismissal. 

Session Benefits 

  • Understanding of how to deal with issues as they arise 

  • Confidence to manage your employees 

  • Understanding of the correct procedures involved with HR 

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.


This training course can be run Online, at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

For more information and costs please contact us on 0345 4599710 or email

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