Employee Handbooks & HR Policies

How do we know how to behave at work? Well you may say this is obvious. Sadly it is not. Many of our clients call us because they have employees who are repeatedly absent or who do not come to work dressed appropriately.

Why are employee handbooks important?


  • It fulfills a statuary requirement for company directors to collate and communicate key
    policies such as disciplinary & grievance and health & safety.

  • It provides line managers with parameters in which to manage their staff effectively as well as giving guidance on anomalies such as compassionate leave.

  • It is a central document that enables the employees to understand their employment rights such as maternity leave and their obligations to the organisation such as dress code, absence reporting, etc.

At People Vision HR we take the time to understand your business, look at existing employment contracts that you may have in place and create an employee handbook to suit your specific needs.
This service includes a consultation with an HR specialist to understand the specific requirements of your business. We will discuss matters such as your organisation's goals and align them with your absence policy, annual leave, flexible working, etc.

Employee Handbooks

If you are interested in buying single policies such as diversity and equality, bullying and harassment or looking to update policies such as your absence policy with the new "Fit Note" please contact us on 03454599710 or email admin@pvhr.com