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Effective Induction Planning

Induction training is an important form of employee training for new staff. It enables them to perform their duties and be productive as quickly as possible, and to feel comfortable in their new profession or job role. Effective induction training covers key information such as health and safety, and specific training on any duties and skills required for a new job role. 

Who’s it For? 

  • This course is for individuals that are involved with their organizations hiring and recruitment process. This course will teach select individuals effective ways of inducting new staff as well as teach how to identify the effective methods from the ineffective ones.

What’s Covered? 

Before new staff start 

  • Welcome packs. What are welcome packs and why do we use them? Be able to confidently explain the use for welcome packs, how they should be used, what content they normally contain and whether or not they are effective. 

  • Friendly approach. A friendly approach should be the standard, but what effect does it have on the prospective employee? Evaluate the effects of different approaches and decide on the best one to use for different situations. 

  • Additional Considerations. What considerations could your prospective employee need? Understand that, sometimes, people will need additional considerations to be able to get to the induction. 

  • Allocating a mentor. It is important for new employees to have someone to follow through their first steps with a new company. Understand why it is so important to assign a mentor to a new employee and what effect this will have on your new employee, positive or negative. 

First month 

  • Specific support. What specific and tailored support is there to offer a new employee? What support do you currently offer? Be able to assess your own practices and whether or not they are suitable for prospective employees. Understand what constitutes specific support from an employer. 

  • Regular feedback. How important is regular feedback? Be able to understand how effective regular feedback is and how it affects prospective employees and motivation in your team. 

  • Introducing new skills. It is important to slowly introduce skills to new employees. Understand why we do this, and why it is so important not to overload a new employee in their first few months. 

Twelve months 

  • Full performance review. What is a full performance review and what does it constitute of? Understand and be able to accurately explain why full performance reviews are needed and be able to explain what happens during a performance review and what the outcomes could be. 

  • Objectives achieved? It is important to check that all of your prospective employees' objectives have been completed for progression. Understand why it is important to keep track of objectives and what to do when your new employee doesn’t manage to complete them. 

  • Induction feedback. What is induction feedback? Understand why it is so important to ask your new employee for induction feedback. Be able to accurately explain what the feedback will be used for and how to improve the induction based on employee feedback. 

What next? 

  • Development opportunities. How important is it to employees to have additional opportunities? Understand why it is so important for current and new employees to have development opportunities and be able to explain what sort of development opportunities there are. 

  • On-going support. Prospective and new employees must receive on-going support to maximize success. Understand why this support is so important and what this support constitutes of. 

Session Benefits 

  • Be able to identify effective plans to induct employees 

  • Be able to write up effective plans to induct employees 

  • Understand what makes an effective induction 

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.
This training course can be run at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

For more information and costs please contact us on 0345 4599710 or email

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