Being Assertive Training

Session Overview

Do you find yourself saying “yes” to just about anybody and anything? Do you want to say “no” but just can’t quite bring yourself to say it. Do you often find yourself doing things that you don’t want to do or perhaps shouldn’t be doing? Then this 2-day workshop, packed full of useful hints and tips will give you the confidence to stand up for yourself in a way that you’re comfortable with and ensure you get your message across more effectively.

Who’s it For?

Anyone who struggles to get themselves heard and understood. Anyone who needs to effectively manage their interactions with others better and perhaps exert a little more control over situations that are important to them.

What’s Covered?

The Basics
  • Understanding why you are like you are

  • Defining assertiveness

  • The benefits of being assertive

  • Identifying the differences between non-assertive, assertive and aggressive behaviour

Techniques for Being Assertive


  • Positive language – using the right words to say what you really mean

  • Exploring positive body language

  • How to say no

  • Influencing & persuasion techniques

Other Skills to Help You be Assertive

  • Giving and receiving constructive feedback

  • Listening skills

  • Questioning skills

  • Dealing with difficult situations

  • Managing up and across the business

Putting it All Into Practice
  • Using realistic scenarios, participants will have the chance to practice assertive behaviour in a variety of situations and receive feedback from the group and from an experienced facilitator.

  • Action-planning for the future


Session Benefits

  • ​Clear understanding of assertive behaviour and its benefits

  • Practical hints, tips and techniques for being assertive

  • Better working relationships and more effective communication

Workshops are delivered by experienced training and development professionals

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.
This training course can be run at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

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