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Case Study – Unattributed WL



The Company is a not-for-profit organisation, who provide services for young people. 

Although the organisation has an internal HR function, Vanessa was asked to come into the business to assist with an employee relations issue, as it was deemed appropriate to get external assistance to resolve this.


An employee within the Company had raised a formal grievance, which needed fully investigating and appropriate action and remedy taken. 

Vanessa was asked to complete this work as an external HR professional, as it was felt that this would help with impartiality and fairness.  The grievance involved individuals who worked closely together, so needed to be dealt with promptly in order to limit damage to ongoing working relationships.


Vanessa reviewed all relevant documentation, including the organisation’s handbook and relevant policies, including their grievance and fair treatment policy.  She spent a day onsite, investigating the grievance and conducting interviews.


Following a full investigation, the grievance outcome was given, with a report and recommendations for actions.  Mediation was conducted by Vanessa, and steps put in place to help the individuals within the team, and also to help ensure a similar situation wouldn’t occur again.


The organisation had robust policies in place, so these were followed by Vanessa throughout the process.  Clear and regular communication to all parties was given, to help those involved during what was a difficult time for them all, and ensure they all felt treated fairly, understood what was happening, what the next steps and potential outcomes might be, and so they could engage with the grievance process.


The formal grievance was resolved to the satisfaction of the employee who had raised it.  Working relationships between the involved individuals were re-established and action points and suggestions for improvements given to, and taken onboard by, the organisation.  All formal procedure was adhered to, and the matter was resolved quickly and independently.

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