People Vision HR Consultancy specialises in the strategy, management and development of human resources.

We work with organisations throughout the UK that need extra HR support.


Employment legislation can be a complex area to navigate. However, we can guide you through with practical, cost-effective HR solutions that both support your corporate strategy and help you achieve your business goals.

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People Vision HR Consultancy are based in London and provide specialist HR services to companies throughout the UK.


We have a wide range of courses on offer, which can be tailored to suit your organisation’s needs.



Consult our Training Directory page to see a complete catalogue of the courses that can benefit you and your employees. 

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At People Vision HR Consultancy, we understand the importance of Mental Health. Our dedicated Mental Health team has supported numerous organisations on a variety of Mental Health initiatives.

We work with clients to decide what interventions are desirable – such as:



We provide the highest quality Mental Health Training and our incredible nationwide team deliver a combination of learning techniques, presentations, discussions, case studies and interactive exercises. All of which are available virtually or face to face.

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