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People Vision HR Consultants are an HR Consultancy specialising in human resources strategy, management and development.


We work with organisations, both large and small, that need extra HR support either on-going or by project basis. Some organisations use People Vision HR Consultants as their virtual human resource HR department. That includes coaching, training and development as well as HR strategy. Our clients work in public, private and not for profit sectors throughout the UK.


Employment legislation, employee training and development can be complex and time consuming. We translate the complexity into practical, cost-effective solutions that support your corporate strategy and help you achieve your business goals.

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Reasons To Use Us
  1. Tribunal Free - In the 10 years we have been supporting our clients none of them have ever been taken to tribunal. This is because we have ensured that a practical process is followed to protect our clients at all times.

  2. Over 10 Years In Business – We instantly understand and have experience of the typical HR issues that arise and know how to manage them swiftly and effectively.

  3. HR Specialists - We have built up an excellent network of HR consultants who each have their own speciality in HR. This gives us the ability to match the best consultant to our client's specific needs.

  4. Repeat Business - This is our best advertisement. Clients always come back to us when they need help with their HR and our business continues to grow through referrals from our existing clients.

  5. Prestigious Clients - We are delighted to say we have worked with some of the big names such as Boots, DHL, Reuters, Capita, to name a few.

  6. Innovative - We use technology to communicate and engage our client base on HR updates. Using a variety of video, webinars and articles we find these formats help make an often dull subject more interesting! Check out our HR Library.

  7. Personality - The founder and owner of People Vision is Alyson Pellowe; she has a vibrant personality with a no nonsense approach to HR. She builds lasting client relationships that are based on trust with high degrees of energy.
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Client Testimonial


"People Vision gives me comfort. They are there to explain procedures

and why they exist and to enable this knowledge to be filtered

throughout our company to integrate a contemporary understanding

of Human Resources into the existing business."

Mike Stones: Finance Partner, EA Shaw



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If you would like to talk, call us on 0845 4599710 or send an email to info@pvhr.com.


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