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Virtual Trainers Wanted - First Line Leadership Programme

I am delighted to say that we have 3 (yes, it is a big roll out) Virtual Trainer Roles. Assisting of a First Line Leaders Training over the next year. The materials are written already so it is all delivery.

Job Content: First line Leaders Programme – 12 Days Training per delegate over 3 phases of 4 days.

Location: The training is virtual – hurrah no matter where you live you can apply!

Start Date: July 2021

Day Rate: £300.00 per day

Sector: Public Sector – Employees are based in central London.

Contract and Invoices: You will need to invoice People Vision via an Umbrella Company (of your choice)  there is no flexibility on this process. You will be responsible for your own Tax NI and Annual Leave payments. We will pay you on 30 day terms.
Number of Days Per Annum: Circa 200+ TBC when work is allocated but assume a Full time role most of the time, being part of the business and working on the project.

Applicant Criteria – to be demonstrated on your CV.


  • 3 years first line manager training experience

  • AET L3 or equivalent teaching qualification

  • L5 Leadership & Management qualification (ILM, CMI or equivalent)

  • Experience of a coaching style of delivery and support. Has ability to demonstrate and explain the core principles of coaching & mentoring and how this sits within the range of leadership and communication skills.

  • You will need to be very tech savvy this is all on a virtual

Application Process

I am aware that we will have many fabulous applicants so please be aware I may not reply to you all individually.
If you do wish to apply please read the following carefully.
Please can you Email me all in one email (– keeping all your application in one place don’t send multiple emails to me with different bits and bobs)


  • Your CV in word – not a pdf, not a LinkedIn profile

  • Ensure that your CV has evidence of ALL the Applicant Criteria above

  • 50 Words why you would be suitable for this project.

  • Evidence of you virtual training delivery – ideally not an attachment if you know how pop it on YouTube or Vimeo if you can. So we get a feel for your style. Show a  Powerpoint slide coming in at some stage. Content ideally something management or leadership. No need to have delegates on the call. It is just a sample to see how you operate. So 3-5 mins would be fine. You can easily do this by setting up a MS Teams or Zoom call, record yourself, download recording, save – upload to you tube! I know I make it sound easy don’t I!!! See here is an example.

  • If you can’t manage to get a link then email me an MP4 file which I can see. 


Please send a CV in word format to me 


Warm regards,  

Alyson Pellowe

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