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To my dear business friends,


I do hope that you and your loved ones are as safe as they can be wherever in the world they are. Commercially and emotionally what a tough time we are going to have...

Having run my business for 18 years I have already seen some highs and lows but right now I am looking at ways to innovate and collaborate.
Like many in our space we need to consider the virtual world of training so I just wanted to get a flavour of who in our community is trained as a “Virtual Trainer” – no matter in what subject at this stage!

What I mean is someone that has actually been trained to be a virtual trainer, not just someone who is good with Zoom or Skype!

I don’t have any work at this stage but wanted to get a feel of the experience in this discipline in our network.

Please reply and let me know what qualification you have or what session you attended in this area.

Thank you in advance - stay safe and #bekind 


Warm regards

Alyson Pellowe

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