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Image Source
Training Case Study

Image Source (IS) is a leading global brand in the production and distribution of royalty free images. Trading principally through the internet, the company has offices across the USA and Europe, and in the past two years it has expanded rapidly in the UK, with the workforce doubling in size to over 60 employees.

Image Source were keen to introduce a formal training programme for UK staff and approached People Vision to manage the process. Alyson Pellowe, Managing Consultant of People Vision, performed a Human Resources Health Check for the company before training was delivered, and then appointed People Vision associate Karl Cheek to design and deliver a suite of courses.


An initial Training Needs Analysis indicated that training on Time Management and Presentation Skills would be of greatest value to the staff, but that both courses would need to be customised to suit the specific circumstances and challenges of the organisation. Karl therefore created session plans for each course and liaised with Viola Lambert, the Office and Human Resources Manager at IS, to refine and tailor the design.

The programme was to be rolled out to a mix of junior and senior staff, from office assistants to middle managers and members of the Senior Leadership Team. It was essential that the training should be delivered in a way which was accessible, inclusive and beneficial to a diverse group of participants with varying degrees of experience.


The final programme consisted of a two-day Time Management course and a one-day workshop on Presentation Skills.

Training was conducted in small groups (maximum 7 people) to ensure that all participants had time to time to explore the issues, participate in the activities and receive personal feedback in a supportive environment. 

Each event concluded with an action-planning session for participants to map out their further development and an evaluation session to gather feedback. The feedback allowed People Vision to adapt the training programmes on an ongoing basis to ensure that the needs of all those involved were being met.


The participative nature of the workshops meant that delegates could practise and develop their skills during the course of each session, and feedback from the trainer and the rest of the group helped improve their confidence and their performance.

Working in small groups allowed Keith to support the participants with any challenges they encountered and ensure that they gained a thorough understanding of the topics.

The bespoke nature of the programme meant that all activities were relevant to the organisation. Participants were therefore able to apply the skills they had learned immediately after the course. Viola Lambert’s feedback was that people across the organisation were ‘using what they learnt in their day-to-day work after the training.’

Feedback from the evaluation forms was extremely positive, and due to the success of this programme People Vision have since been engaged to deliver a two-day Leadership Event. The new programme is designed to develop the skills of middle managers, focusing on leadership style, team dynamics and strategies to improve performance and morale.

People Vision’s new programme has been made available to employees from the wider Image Source Group, and the Head of Creative, Germany has signed up to join the workshop. International events like this represent a cost-effective training solution for IS and a valuable networking opportunity for the participants.

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