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Top 5 Tips for Finding a Great Job


It can take lots of time looking for that dream role. It can often feel like a full-time job on top of the day job. Determination will “win the day” and your hard work will pay off.

Consider setting yourself a plan of attack. This will help you to focus and mean that you get the right job for you!

Here are 5 top tips that will help you move to your next opportunity.

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1. Being Clear On What Job You Want

Easy to say but we can all go off on a tangent when an interesting opportunity comes up – be clear about; type of role, location you would like to work in. Don’t be too specific or inflexible but look too broadly you could become overawed with what’s out there. 

Use your network and catch up with those who you haven’t spoken to in some time - see if they are aware of any marvellous opportunities that may suit you.

2. Target The Organisations You Really Want to Work With

You can review organisations online or ask friends, family or even search here . Even if you are in a senior role does not mean that you cannot approach the organisation directly. Follow these organisations on social media and see what opportunities they have going on websites.

This is also a useful site: 

Check out the companies Linkedin page if they have one – such as 


3. Make Them Want You!

Make sure your application or CV is tailored to every role - read the Job Description and ensure that your CV matches it, make sure that all the correct competencies are in there. Make it so hard for them not to interview you - if you have everything they are looking for on paper then you are through to the next stage!

4. The Interview

There is so much we can write here but essentially be prepared to answer questions that marry up with the Job Description and the Person Specification if they have one.

However, most importantly - be yourself - yes you need to try and impress but be natural then you stand a better chance of getting into the right organisation for you.

5. Seek Feedback

Be determined and do ask for feedback! If your search for the dream job isn’t going the way you hoped talk to other people, ask them what they did when looking for work and grab yourself some free advice. If you do get any feedback from a potential employer, reflect and make changes to your future applications. That way you are more likely to get better results next time.

Fingers crossed this article can help you on your journey to your next job opportunity.

If you think you may benefit from some “Interview Technique” support from one of the People Vision career Coaches please do give us a call on 0345 4599710 or email 

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