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Case Study – The Bar Council



During the COVID-19 crisis People Vision wanted to reach out to support the wellbeing of clients and their employees. As one of our valuable contacts we contacted Catherine Shaw, from The Bar Council and offered a taster wellbeing session to help their employees with Mental Health in these uncertain times.


The Bar Council had already done a Wellbeing Survey, so we built on this as a starting place.

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Jo Peruzza and Anjana Rajani took a brief from Catherine Shaw and established that the key challenges the team were facing were; the worry of the workload for those who had not been furloughed, ongoing remote working, maintaining working relationships from a distance and the impact of that on Leadership and individuals own wellbeing. The team were also concerned about the prospect of returning to work in central London.


We quickly responded to their request, sought to understand the challenges and put together a bespoke taster program to meet the needs of the team and their furloughed employees. We delivered the session on MS Teams and engaged 95+ team members on the call.


The session was planned for just 60 minutes and because of the positive engagement and participation of the members it overran with great audience participation - using MS Teams chat to engage communication. 


The participants were enriched by sharing of good practice and ideas to support their colleagues.

It is hoped that through the session we achieved a shared understanding that all the team members are under pressure and that they can help and support each other – there is a potential for those with shared interests outside of work (such as cooking or birdwatching)  can share this and find common ground and a reason to communicate outside the normal “Business as Usual”.


“A big thank you to you all from me as well. We had high attendance and have had good feedback."
Catherine Shaw – Human Resources Director 


Thank you all for a truly wonderful session. I have received emails from our employees stating how great they found it and that they particularly enjoyed the interactive element. “
Michela Scarpa - HR Payroll Coordinator

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