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Case Study – Stick ‘n’ Step



During COVID-19 Mental Health Training UK wanted to reach out to support the wellbeing of charities and their employees. As one of our valuable clients we contacted Amy Couture, Chief Executive from Stick ‘n’ Step and offered a taster wellbeing session to help their employees with what has been a challenging situation for many people for a variety of reasons.

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Marina Webster took a brief from Amy and established that the key challenges employees were facing were; managing change, stress and anxiety, the impact of working from home and being productive and juggling things at home. There was a mixture of conductor teachers, fundraisers and administration staff, as well as members of the team that are currently furloughed.



Marina quickly responded to their request, sought to understand the challenges and put together a bespoke taster program to meet the needs of the client and their furloughed and non-furloughed employees. The session covered as a priority Managing Change, Stress and Anxiety.

We delivered the session on Zoom and engaged 17 people on the call.


Due to the intimate way that they session was designed and a small group we were able to put delegates into virtual breakout rooms and they could talk about how they were feeling in a safe environment.

They were able to understand some theories on change and how to manage their own emotions in challenging times.

The taster session was planned for just 60 minutes and because of the positive engagement and participation of the employees they have decided that they would like subsequent sessions. The feedback was very positive.


A successful taster with great feedback about Marina and will result in more planned sessions to support the wellbeing of the team in these difficult uncertain times.


I liked the small group chat and also the idea of focusing on our values & purpose and adapting that to working at home. I found some of the tips for coping with stress to be helpful, I found they were very professional and informative. 

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