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Romance In Your Workplace

Maybe there has been an office party and romance has blossomed! Spending a lot of time with your colleagues can lead to deeper relationships!

Maybe it is Valentines weekend, for those in love it is a wonderful opportunity to show your loved one how much you care - buying chocolates and drinking champagne together! 

Let us think about this in a work context...

Did you meet your partner at work? Perhaps not your current partner but it is a known fact that many people do have little indiscretions or event meet their spouse at work! When you spend so much time with your colleagues, you do build special connections with people.

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Have you thought about those around you who may be having an office romance – do you know about it? Should you care? Does it affect your job or the organisation?

Without being too much of a killjoy 3 tips for managing an office romance:

  1. Employment Contract - Some employee contracts or handbooks have a clause that requires employees to inform their manager of such a relationship. Whist we know that this is unlikely to be adhered to at least the employer has protected themselves!

  2. The “Bust Up” - If the couple break up or have some tension sometimes the performance is compromised. Sometimes the relationship affects others around them such as clients or other employees in the workplace then you should take action. We recommend that you have confidential chats with the two parties, be clear about the need for discretion, professionalism and sensitivity to others in the workplace.

  3. Pillow Talk -  If you know that people are in a relationship you may need to just ensure that they remember their responsibilities around confidentiality as sometimes in the heat of the moment little “slip ups” happen!

There are many advantages to having people in love! They are happier, more motivated and a pleasure to have around. If the relationship is discreet, workable and having no negative impact on others around them then leave them to it! Let them enjoy their time together!

We hope you enjoyed our article please call us on 0345 4599710 or email where we will be happy to support you.

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