Redundancy Support 

At People Vision HR consultants we can help your business achieve the changes it needs in the most risk free way so that your organisation can remain "business as usual" with maximum effectiveness.

What is Redundancy?

Redundancy is generally where an employer needs to reduce his or her workforce. It may happen because a work place is closing down, or because fewer employees are needed for work of a particular kind. Normally a job must have disappeared in order for a redundancy to occur.

Often organisations need to reduce on headcount for commercial reasons. A CIPD report states that the main reasons for redundancy are:

  • Reorganised working methods and efficiency.

  • Improved competitiveness.

  • Even during expansion, redundancies can occur if specific work is redistributed.

What Redundancy Isn't


It is not redundancy if an employer immediately takes on a direct replacement for an employee. But it will not matter if an employer is recruiting more workers for work of a different kind, or in another location.
Redundancy has been used by some organisations to manage poor performance that should otherwise have been managed via the disciplinary process. This is known as a "sham redundancy". Obviously People Vision HR consultants do not encourage this practice.

Benefits of Reorganising?


Our customers believe that having redundancies has helped:


  • Manage the organisations overhead until more buoyant times occur.

  • Redistribute work to benefit employees who may have the capability and capacity to manage additional responsibilities.

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