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Problem Solving Skills - 1 Day Workshop

Session Overview

This session will be an interactive workshop focusing on developing your problem solving skills to improve your own effectiveness at work. During the day you will learn what problem solving is, why it is important and how to use the skills most effectively within the workplace.


Who’s it For?

This is an essential skill for all members of staff and will equip them to be more effective at finding solutions to problems both at work and at home.

What’s Covered?

What is Problem Solving?

  • Finding your way through problem solving

  • Different techniques that can be used

  • What tools to use when​

What is the Latest Thinking on Problem Solving?​

  • Relevant Research

  • Edward De Bono

How do I Demonstrate Good Problem Solving?

  • ​Understand the goal?

  • How to be creative?

  • Are you focused on the right question?

  • Good facilitation

Practice Makes Perfect​​

  • Some short role-plays to help you practice the different skills.

  • Feedback from your colleagues

  • Dealing with specific issues

Next Steps

  • ​A chance to discuss the different situations you face at work and how these skills will improve both you effectiveness and confidence in dealing with different situations.

  • Build your personal action plan to ensure success

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.
This training course can be run at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

For more information and costs please contact us on 0345 4599710 or email

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