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Case Study
Pod Casts by Donna Austin

Following a recent staff survey a Transport Client launched an online portal for managers to ensure they have better access to the resources that exist to help them deal with the issues they face day to day.  All of the information on the portal aims to be ‘bite sized’ and features a range of podcasts which featured our subject matter trainers sharing best practice on a number of topics such as reward and recognition, collaboration and how to have difficult conversations.

By listening to some of our trainers give examples of what works well and what could be improved , how real issues have been addressed and where additional resources can be found managers would find that subjects came alive for them and be promoted to seek out more information.
Our trainers spent a day recording their contributions for three podcasts where they were able to provide short, sharp observations and recommendations based on their personal experience.  They covered top tips on a range of subjects and spoke persuasively on how managers could put their learning into practise.

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