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Pay & Benefits

The way in which we reward talented employees is clearly crucial in attracting and retaining them. In turn, having the best employees will help to establish a competitive advantage.


How we reward them, though, can be a daunting task for organisations to manage. People Vision have specialists who are trained in UK and international remuneration packages. If you need support implementing your pay and benefits structure give us a call.

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Projects that may be carried out are as follows:


  • Job Evaluation.

  • Pay banding programs.

  • Contract harmonization.

  • International projects.

  • Benefits review.

  • Performance related pay initiatives.


Benefits of having a robust Compensation and Benefits offering

  • Ability to attract and retain the best staff.

  • Avoid Equal Pay claims at tribunals.

  • Fair and equitable systems that are easily understood by the employees and line managers.


Remember... A well structured package does not necessarily have to be the most expensive.

People Vision HR are here to help so call us on 03454599710 or email

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