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EA Shaw
 Outsourced HR Case Study

EA Shaw (Bought out by CBRE) was Covent Garden and the South Bank’s most successful commercial, residential estate agents and property advisors. Employing 66 people they provide more property for sale and rent in Covent Garden than any other agents.  Mike Stones was Finance Director at EA Shaw and has 27 years experience of Finance and Administration. Alyson Pellowe is Managing Consultant of People Vision. Alyson had been working with EA Shaw in the position of their outsourced Human Resources consultant since September 2006.


  • EA Shaw was looking for an involved approach to Human Resources. They required a consultant whose visits to the office and interaction with partners, managers and employees was part of the service and who would develop strong connections across all levels of the company.  

  • People Vision were to be responsible for managing Human Resources issues as they arise, such as finding compromises to resolve employee issues, providing procedural advice and suggested courses of action. Mike Stones describes the process as ‘trying to get to grips with cultural change…Human Resources legislation has completely changed and we need a professional to give advice and show the consequences of what our courses of actions could be.’ 


  • Executive team development was required to maximise existing strengths. People Vision were to work with EA Shaw to develop and implement their Human Resources strategy. ‘People Vision’s role is a strategic one, dealing with partners and managers.’  (Mike Stones) Evaluation of the company’s Human Resources procedures and the skills of its Senior Partners was necessary to highlight specific areas where development would be beneficial. 

  • People Vision were to introduce succession planning to strengthen the company’s ability to respond to changes in the workforce, provide the opportunity for career development for each employee and built capability for the future.




  • Alyson developed a strategy for Human Resources within EA Shaw, which worked alongside the business plan. The strategy was implemented within the company through organisation and training. To achieve training goals swiftly specialist People Vision consultants were brought in to manage specific projects, beyond the regular budget.

Performance Management


  • The appraisals system was changed and training was given by People Vision consultant Lynne Marie Kelly to facilitate this new development. During three half-day workshops, with eight employees attending each session, Lynne Marie trained twenty-four people; this represents around a third of the company now trained in the new appraisals system. 



  • Succession planning was introduced, developing and diversifying the skills of individual employees to strengthen the business as a whole.  

Management Development


  • Alyson selected Myers Briggs psychometric testing as an effective way to evaluate the skills of Senior Partners. The results were used to effectively evaluate the development needs of Senior Partners. 

  • Alyson also trialed 360 psychometric testing, beginning with two Senior Partners. This produced constructive feedback from many stakeholders to enable the individual to grow. 

Employee Relations


  • People Vision consultant Sian Hughes was engaged to project manage a compromise agreement between EA Shaw and one of its employees.






  • Alyson’s regular visits ensure that constant attention was being given to Human Resources issues, providing stability and consistency.


Performance Management


  • The training provided has improved the knowledge of Human Resources issues throughout the company, changing the culture of the business and proving a cost-effective investment. As a consequence of this success plans for further training are in development. 

  • Ensuring that appraisals training was given separately in small groups made an immediate impact in way appraisals are given and explained to employees. 

Management Development


  • As a result of Myers Briggs and 360 analysis Alyson was ‘able to more formally evaluate training needs for the senior team and to devise a training programme accordingly’. (Alyson Pellowe)

  • After the trial of the 360 among Senior Partners, it is now being considered as an option that could enhance the training and performance of Senior Managers.

Employee Relations


  • Through succession planning employees have been motivated to work towards the next stage of their career. This makes EA Shaw more robust as a business as employees are ready and able to respond positively to ‘gaps’ in the workforce.

  • Relationships between EA Shaw and employees have been strengthened by the presence of an informed, objective advisor. The successful compromise agreement indicates to employees that EA Shaw is working to avoid disputes, diffuse tension and develop a secure working environment.

Client Testimonial

"People Vision gives me comfort... They are there to explain procedures and why they exist and to enable this knowledge to be fitted throughout our integrate a contemportary understanding of Human Resources into the existing business."

Mike Stones "Finance Director"

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