Here are some of the key HR steps that need to happen during a merger or acquisition:

Pre merger:


  • Select a merger and acquisition project team and leader.

  • Ensure everyone involved can learn from the process.

  • Perform cultural assessments of the merging businesses.

  • Create practices for learning and knowledge transfer.


During the integration period HR representatives should be:

  • Designing new teams.

  • Creating new structures.

  • Retaining key employees.

  • Motivating employees.

  • Managing the change process.

  • Deciding on workable HR policies.

  • Selecting the appropriate candidates where there is competition for jobs.

Post integration HR should work on:

  • Developing new teams.

  • Establishing the new culture and structure.

  • Solidifying leadership and staffing.

  • Assessing the new culture.

  • Assessing new strategies and structures.

  • Assessing the culture of the new employees.

  • Moulding the two new cultures into one.

  • Reviewing the process for lessons learned - both positive and negative.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Merging your organisation, or even being acquired by another business, brings with it a number of challenges. Not just for your board and finance director. Your HR team, if you have one, will also face challenges during the transition. For example if you are the acquiring company you will be expected to perform due diligence on the business you are planning to buy.

Mergers & Acquisitions

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