Mediation Support Services

Mediation is a process of dispute resolution in which an objective third party (the mediator) facilitates a series of private and joint meetings with the respective parties to identify a mutually acceptable resolution.

Mediation is a voluntary, safe and confidential process which addresses the underlying causes of a conflict. Mediators create the conditions necessary for an open dialogue using a non-adversarial, non-partisan approach. Whilst a mediator may facilitate negotiations and aid the resolution process, the final outcome is agreed upon by the parties, not the mediator.

Mediation has many benefits - not just for the parties involved but for their teams, managers and employers:

Mediation Support Services
  • Mediation places responsibility for the resolution of a dispute directly with the parties.

  • Mediation enables all sides to have their say and to be heard in a safe, respectful environment.

  • Mediation stops disputes escalating out of control. 

  • Mediation reduces the stress and anxiety commonly associated with conflict. 

  • Mediation reduces the cost of conflict as well as the risk of litigation.

  • Mediation contributes to a more harmonious and productive working environment. ​

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