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Why Maternity Coaching Is More Important Post Covid

Before the Covid pandemic, the number of women in the labour force was at a record high of 72%. However, the pandemic has not affected men and women’s roles equally. The Women and Equalities Committee’s February 2021 report on the gendered impact of Covid found women were at higher risk of job loss and less likely to have received discretionary top ups on the furlough scheme.


In addition, it found that mothers were more likely than fathers to ask to be furloughed. ONS data shows that the highest percentage of job losses is amongst women aged between 25 -34 years old, these are the peak child-bearing years. At People Vision HR we want to support diversity in organisations and help build a healthy diverse talent pipeline. Keeping mothers in the workforce is one way that you can help us, to help you, to achieve this. 

Webinar Recording - 10 November 2021

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