Managing Effective Meetings

Why do we have so many meetings? In some organisations they are obsessed with meetings and have constantly many more meetings than really required. This costs industry millions a year.


Whilst we agree that the leaders of organisations should keep a handle on the amount of resource is used in this way it is really up to the individuals to ensure that the actual meeting itself is as useful and timely as possible.

Managing Effective Meetings

So our top tips would be:

  1. Make decisions and stick to them. Many teams make the time to have a meeting, make a decision and then 50% of the attendees change their mind.

  2. Have an agenda – simple but often missed.

  3. As an individual know exactly what you want from the meeting and don’t leave until you have it!

  4. Think about teleconferencing – unless critical try and make communication via the phone or video conference.

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