Fancy a long Lunch?

There are concerns with some of our clients about their employees taking long lunches.  Well who can blame them, nobody says anything when they come back late. Or do they? 

Well that depends, this is a sensitive issue because some managers have no problem with people in their team taking a long break and they positively encourage their team to fit in an exercise class at lunch time. Other managers on the other hand can not abide there team taking a lunch at all and expect them to work with their sandwich in one hand the phone in the other.

Managing Long Lunches

Anyhow at People Vision HR we advocate that you look at your team and their objectives if they are meeting these objectives then why worry?

Whilst we don’t encourage drunken all afternoon affairs you need to allow your team to go out and enjoy a breath of fresh air, come back revived to do the next shift. Remember you could be accused of “Presenteeism” click here to read more. ( Wikipedia  don’t you love it!)

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