Case Study – JELD WEN


​During COVID-19 Mental Health Training UK wanted to reach out to support the wellbeing of clients and their employees. As one of our valuable clients we contacted Sara McCann, Talent Director from JELD-WEN and offered a taster wellbeing session to help their employees with what has been a challenging situation for many people for a variety of reasons.

Jeld Wen


We took a brief from Sara and established the key challenges employees were facing were the worry of isolation, the impact of working from home and being placed on furlough. 


We quickly responded to their request, sought to understand the challenges and put together a bespoke taster program to meet the needs of the client and their furloughed employees. We delivered the session on Zoom and engaged 13 people on the call.


The taster session was planned for just 30 minutes and because of the positive engagement and participation of the employees it overran to nearly double that. The audience was mainly from the UK and the feedback was very positive.


A successful taster with great feedback and will result in more planned sessions to support the wellbeing of the team in these difficult uncertain times.


Thank you to Mental Health Training UK for running this session for us. It was great to have such an honest and interactive call with team members from a variety of departments from of our business. We would highly recommend Anjana Rajani and Mental Health Training UK. 

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