Do you have a serious, sensitive, or complex HR issue that needs an investigation? Maybe sexual misconduct, theft, or dishonesty, bullying and harassment? Involving a Chief Exec, Board Member, Director, or senior manager? Need to conduct a disciplinary investigation surrounding workplace misconduct, employee investigation, grievance investigation, harassment investigation or HR investigation? Some examples of when you may need to investigate a little further

have included allegations or complaints of:

• sexual misconduct, sexual harassment, and obscene imagery of sexual violence,

• exposing the organisation to multimillion pound risk and reputational damage,

• risking the loss of major contract representing 25% of business unit income,

• bullying and harassment, including at Board/CEO level,

• practising witchcraft in the workplace and putting curses on colleagues,

• running a business from employer’s premises,

• misconduct flowing from mental health issues and addictions,

• unauthorised leaks to the press,

• bringing the employer into disrepute,

• covert recordings of Board/CEO meetings,

• whistleblowing,

• unfair grievance proceedings,

• breach of trust and confidence.

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