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Casio Electronics
Personalised Development Program Case Study


The HR Director at Casio Electronics (CE) first approached People Vision to design a Project Management course for one of her Senior Managers. Further discussion revealed that she was keen to develop the manager’s capability more broadly with a view to succession planning for her own role.

It was therefore agreed that People Vision should design and deliver a personalised development programme for the manager, and for a second Senior Manager who was later invited to participate. People Vision associate Raksha Parmar was engaged to run the project; the breadth of Raksha’s training experience made her particularly well suited to lead on a piece of work which covered an unusually wide range of disciplines.


The HR department was under pressure to deliver results at an increasingly fast pace, putting strain on the relationships across the function. It was therefore important that the programme should equip the delegates with tools and techniques which would have an immediate impact, developing both their project management skills and also their ability to engage with and support the people around them.

Resource constraints meant that only a limited amount of time could be set aside for the programme, with half days given to topics which are typically covered in courses of two days or more. Raksha therefore needed to be highly selective in her approach, personalising the material to the specific needs of the managers, in order to achieve maximum impact.


Raksha first conducted individual diagnostic meetings with the Director and the managers to identify the root issues and the impact of the current situation on the individuals, their teams and their stakeholders.

People Vision then put together a customised learning and development programme with supporting materials for the two managers.

The programme consisted of four modules:

  • Project Management (a half-day course focusing on the PRINCE2 method and exploring strategies for contingency planning)

  • Presentation Skills (a half-day workshop on creating and delivering high impact presentations)

  • Management and Leadership Essentials (a one-day course covering leadership style, coaching, delegation, Emotional Intelligence, time management and change management)

  • Strategic Thinking (a half-day course on defining, communicating and implementing a strategic vision)


Feedback indicates that both managers have applied tools and techniques from the programme back in the workplace. Both reported that some of the material was familiar from previous training they had done, but that until this course they had not fully understood how to use it in practice. The personalised format of People Vision’s programme allowed them to make the links with their own experience, and led to more significant and lasting changes in their behaviour.

“Excellent 2.5 days. Very thought provoking with tools to be used, and adapted to personal situation. Thank you!”

Sonia Vales, HR Business Partner, Casio Electronics

“really enjoyed the course: it has added value to myself, and my team and management skills.”

Richard Sharpe, Service and Logistic Manager, Casio Electronics

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