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Human Resources Support Case Study
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Interpet Ltd, established in 1952, are market leaders in the manufacture and design of aquatic and pet products, while their publishing department is the largest in its sector. The company has a workforce of 130 people, based in Surrey. People Vision worked with Interpet  on an interim basis. 


  • Richard Peters, the Managing Director of Interpet, wanted People Vision ‘to change the culture of the business’  by introducing a professional Human Resources structure to improve the company’s growth and profitability. 


  • People Vision were invited to manage a sales force restructure to introduce objective appraisals and to design and deliver a formal consultation process including grievance and disciplinary procedures. 


  • People Vision were to ensure the continued success of Human Resources within Interpet and encouraged to manage our exit. This encompassed recommending a Human Resources structure to the Managing Director to take the company forward, recruiting a person for the position of permanent Human Resources Manager, and giving training.



  • The sales force restructure was managed through objective criteria. Richard observed that the rational Human Resources approach enabled redundancies to be made without negative impact on the business, since the fair procedures reassured staff and reduced unease within the company.

  • People Vision introduced an effective, ‘value-added Human Resources’ structure, whereby the Human Resources strategies are connected with the goals of the business. The training which introduced this structure gave staff an improved understanding of their job and the effect they have on profitability. 

  • A Human Resources training programme encompassing appraisals and personal development was designed and delivered to the company’s workforce of 130 people, including the Managing Director.  Working with groups of up to 15 people as well as one-to-one appraisals, People Vision provided practical tools and advice. Staff consultation in training sessions enabled appraisal forms to be tailored for different units of the business, supporting departmental needs. 

  • People Vision designed and delivered disciplinary and grievance training for managers to avoid the escalation of disputes. These procedures ensured that managers and employees are protected by an objective approach to dispute resolution.

  • Working closely with the Managing Director, People Vision advised on continuing effective Human Resources by recommending an ongoing structure for the company. We have short-listed three candidates for the role of Human Resources Manager with a decision on placement to follow. 



  • Richard notes that the management culture of Interpet has changed; it is not managed by personality, but by processes understood by all within the company. He says that the company has gained ‘objective management, meaning fair and open. People Vision has brought an element of security.’ 

  • The ‘consultative committees’ to improve communication between managers and employees, and between departments, have been profitable. Richard has noticed how ‘clarity is important; people understand now how their efforts help the total business, and they have become much more focussed and therefore much more effective’. 

  • Human Resources procedures have been introduced without disruption. Performance feedback and appraisals have had ‘exceptionally good feedback from staff despite the fact that it’s very challenging, and many people were doing this for the first time’.  

  • People Vision provided an excellent return on their investment.  Richard states that ‘one of first things done was cost reduction, in the restructure of the sales force. There was direct payback with what the company spent on People Vision’s fees’. 

  • The business is now focused on people’s performance. The Human Resources procedures and training enables management to continually analyse, support and improve the business to achieve its overall objectives. 

Client Testimonial

"People Vision exceeded my expectations... I was astonished at how quickly Paula grasped the situation... I was really impressed that she was able to come in and make a difference from the first day!"


Richard Peters, Interpet

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