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Halloween in the Workplace

Halloween In the Workplace – Come On, Give your Employees a Boost!

Halloween has climbed right up the holiday charts and is now a very popular celebration in the UK. The increase in popularity over the last few years is due to the global cultures merging and the UK adopting many of the customs of the North Americans.
There are some reservations in the British culture about Halloween but nevertheless you only have to go to your local supermarket to see the volume of products on sale to demonstrate it is here to stay. Celebrating Halloween at work appeals to the child in each of us and can help create a motivational, team work-oriented work culture.

This has to be a good thing for staff retention don’t you think?  You can have as many or as few activities as you wish, even one could bring a boost into your workplace. Halloween festivities are voluntary. No employee should feel pressured to celebrate Halloween at work remember it is just a bit of fun for those who want to. We do understand that the suggestions below will work better in some organisations than others! If you are an international law firm we don’t expect your senior partners to pop on a hat and hop on a broomstick!Celebration Ideas for Halloween at WorkWe hope these ideas will spark your creative juices and open up the world of possibilities for celebrating Halloween at work.

  1. Costumes: No Halloween celebration at work would be complete without the opportunity for staff to wear costumes, people can either just come to work wearing their crazy costumes and you could have competition for the best costume

  2. Halloween Breakfast/ Lunch/ Afternoon Tea: Here are some ideas for recipes  do make the event a team building celebration. Ask employees to spend some time together with a cuppa rather than retreating with their food to their workstation

  3. Trick or Treating (Without the Tricking): Not just for children, you can encourage all employees to bring treats to share with their colleagues 

  4. Schedule Charitable Activities for Volunteers: Use your imagination to find community events, activities, and needs and assist with them. Employees could local community centres, hospitals, elder care centres in full costume and share out treats

  5. Bobbing for Apples: Bobbing for apples is a tradition many of your employees will decide to skip, but it's fun for those who are interested. It's a laughter generator for those who are not. 


The Halloween celebration at work is positive for employee morale and team building I hope you like our ideas if not for this year maybe for next year! 

We hope you enjoyed our article please call us on 0345 4599710 or email where we will be happy to support you.

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