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At People Vision HR, have a free “Mental Health During Troubled Times” Workshop  available for you and your members right now. 

We have just released this 60 minute workshop  designed specifically to support you and your members‘ mental health  during this unprecedented time. 

Contact Us On 0345 4599710 or Email

What’s included in the free, virtual workshop?   


  • ​Well-Being Self–Care & Resilience

  • Managing Change, Stress & Anxiety

  • How To Lead & Motivate Others

  • Home Working, Being Productive 

  • Reducing Tensions At Home

  • Supporting Others With Mental Ill Health

If you or someone in your team is interested in this free service, please call us and we can work out the best way we can support you.

Call Us On: 0345 4599710 or Email: 


Eligibility: Applications to this process will be managed on a case by case basis and where appropriate we will redirect you to alternative providers.

Disclaimer: All calls will be held on Zoom. Please refer here to their privacy policy.

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