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World Cup 2018 - Getting the Most From Your Team


Zdravstvuyte! (That's Russian for hello by the way)

The Football World Cup 2018 is here and anticipation is growing amongst fans for the tournament being held in Russia.


The matches are due to take place between 1pm and 8pm UK time during the period from 14 June to 15 July. suggests that there will be £13 Billion lost over the competition timeframe. If this can be believed and it isn’t yet more “fake news” then we may have something to be concerned about. 

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We hope that employees should enjoy coming to work and social events such as the World Cup can act as useful prompts for team building when used in the right way.

You may find that however too much celebrating or commiserating may create a few issues for your organisation.

So, why not be ahead of the game (see what I did there?!) and follow our 4 top tips to managing your teams at this exciting time;


  1. Remind your employees holiday requests will be approved on a "first come - first served" basis. Remember, you are not obliged to accept all holiday requests, especially if there is a business need to decline.

  2. Absence can be an issue during these tournaments. Employees may turn up late for work or not at all. From the outset, remind staff of their duties and consider letting employees work from home and to work half days on occasion if possible.

  3. The morning after the night before! You may have some employees who are under the influence of alcohol the day after - beware especially if they are using specialist equipment or driving somewhere.

  4. Matches between nations may raise energy levels and some conflict may occur. You want to avoid any interactions that could give rise to grievances and discrimination claims. Remind employees any such behaviour will not be tolerated.

We hope you find this article useful and we wish the English team lots of luck!

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