Case Study – EO Group


During COVID-19 People Vision wanted to reach out to support the wellbeing of clients and their employees. As one of our valuable clients we contacted Simon Drakesford CEO, from Euroffice and offered a taster wellbeing session to help their members with Mental Health in the uncertain times. 

Euroffice had already done a Wellbing Survey so we built on this as a starting place.



Jo Peruzza and Anjana Rajani took a brief from Sarah Marr the Office Manager and established the key challenges members were facing were the worry of the workload for those who had not been Furloughed , reduced options for taking annual leave, remote working and the impact of that on Leadership their own wellbeing.



We quickly responded to their request, sought to understand the challenges and put together a bespoke taster program to meet the needs of the client and their furloughed employees. We delivered the session on Zoom and engaged 30+ team members on the call.


The session was planned for just 60 minutes and because of the positive engagement and participation of the members it overran with great audience participation- using Zoom chat and breakout rooms to engage communication. 


The participants were enriched by sharing of good practice and ideas to support their clients and each other.

A successful taster with great feedback and will result in more planned sessions to support the wellbeing of the team in these difficult uncertain times


“Thanks so much for hosting the session – I think it went really well, and it seems from the chat that people got a lot of out of it, which is great!”
Sarah Marr – Executive Assistant to Chief Executive.

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