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Employee Representatives


To improve success and efficiency in role and to reduce dispute over legislation or proven good practice it is beneficial for Employee Reps to have a good understanding of their role and duties and the key legislation they may be involved with. 

This training focuses on the effective running of an employee council (whether triggered by the information and consultation regulations or formed voluntarily). Delegates will develop the necessary skills to be able to seek views and manage feedback to employees via effective preparation and participation.   

Who’s it For? 

  • This workshop is for new, potential or recently elected employee representatives from all business types and sectors, including trade unions representatives. 

  • It also acts as a refresher for existing employee representatives or union representatives looking to understand how they can be more effective in role.

What’s Covered? 

Employee Representative Role 

  • Duties. Be able to confidently explain what an Employee Representative is and be able to explain in detail what their duties are and why they perform them. 

  • Benefits. Understand confidently what the benefits of being an Employee Representative are and why some people may want these benefits. 

  • Negotiation and Consultation. Know what Negotiation and Consultation mean for an Employee Representative and why they have to deal with both in the role. 

What’s Needed on the Job 

  • What makes an effective Employee Representative? Be able to confidently explain what makes an effective rep in different situations. Understand why we need an effective Employee Representative. 

  • Specification. Understand the detailed specification for becoming a rep. Be able to confidently explain it and be able to understand why these specifications are in place. 

  • Skills and Personal Qualities. What skills and personal qualities are needed for the Employee Representative role? Fully understand what skills are needed, why they are needed and what impact this has on the workforce. 

Planning and Organizational Skills 

  • Proactive. As an Employee Representative, are you proactive? Fully understand the steps you need to take to become more proactive in your approach and know confidently know why being proactive is needed. 

  • Organized. Understand why, as an Employee Representative, you need to be organized. Know the impact this has on your team and why. 

Personal Change, Development and Awareness 

  • Open to change? It is important for an Employee Representative to be open to change and be willing to change. Understand why, sometimes, change is very much needed and be able to explain the effect that change will have on your team, depending on the circumstances. 

  • Team worker? Are you a team worker? Be able to confidently work in a team. Understand and be able to explain the positive effect of being a team worker. 

  • Committed to development? Understand that as an Employee Representative you must be committed to development. Be able to explain why this is and the impact it will have on you and your business. 

Session Benefits 

  • Will know how to carry out their role effectively, following the legal requirements. 

  • Will know more about their responsibilities as an employee representative. 

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.
This training course can be run at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

For more information and costs please contact us on 0345 4599710 or email

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