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Disciplinary and Greivance

The People Vision HR Team are skilled in managing employment related issues, from complex grievances to your day to day employment issues. No matter how big or small you may need an extra pair of hands to support you though this process.


The importance of measured and reasonable treatment of affected employees is absolutely imperative to avoid the risk of tribunal proceedings. The law relating to fair discipline and dismissal is not always easy as we are sure you know!

Our team provide a disciplinary support service which quickly, professionally and legally progresses issues to conclusion. They will meet with the manager to review the facts and move quickly into responding to the issue at hand, including conducting the investigation and/or, if required, chairing the disciplinary hearing.

Grievance Management

Grievance management is a essentially and typical element of employment relations. In many cases, these issues can be resolved quickly via informal discussion and good man management. Occasionally when a more formal approach is needed and where our help may make all the difference. Our team provide a grievance management service where the problem is promptly assessed, professionally explored and managed, ensuring good practice and expert handling and record keeping for legal compliance.

People Vision HR are here to help so call us on 0345 4599710 or email if you need advice, training or support on Absence Management.

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