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Civil Service Learning
Training Case Study
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In the Civil Service Reform Plan of June 2012, the government set out the strategy to outsource the Civil Service learning provision. The aim was to offer training through "world class providers" in the Management and Leadership Development arena whilst "extracting best value from suppliers.” 

Capita was appointed as the key supplier to design the curriculum and administer its delivery in partnership with Civil Service Learning (CSL).

Capita were unable to resource all the programmes internally due to the scale of the project and volume of delivery, and therefore engaged People Vision as their largest single provider of trainers for this project.


The key objectives of the programme are:

  • To ensure consistency of training, both in terms of process and learning outcomes, across the entire Civil Service, nationally and through the Commonwealth.

  • To deliver an annual saving of £90M.


Over 60 People Vision associates are currently approved for delivery, with each trainer covering a specific set of courses according to their individual experience and expertise.

Trainers are measured on their ability to deliver events which meet their published learning outcomes, since the content, methodology and quality of the training needs to be consistent in order to meet the project’s strategic objectives.


The main curriculum divides into Core Skills, Leadership & Management, Working in the Civil Service, and Operational Delivery & Policy for the Professions.

Course clusters are provided for managers, senior managers, and members of the Civil Service Fast Stream programme.

Customised and bespoke courses are provided for individual departments where a business case can be made.

People Vision associates deliver training across the curriculum and to delegates of all grades, and offer consultancy services on individual projects.




  • Managing People – an extensive suite of courses looking at the skills and tools of effective management, requiring trainers with a depth of experience as leaders and coaches.


  • Managing Business Performance – a set of courses focused on effective engagement with internal and external stakeholders, requiring trainers with a breadth of experience across public and private sector organisations.


  • Managing Self – a set of courses exploring delegates’ personal impact, assertiveness, and ability to influence in situations where they lack direct authority, requiring trainers able to model effective behaviours.


  • Managing Change – a pair of courses exploring the procedural and human impact of change, requiring trainers with experience of transformation programmes and business consultancy.


People Vision associates delivered 1,823 events in the period 2013 – 2014.

  • Covering over 70 different training modules.

  • for over 60 different government departments

  • in more than 10 countries.


At the end of each event, delegates are issued with forms to evaluate the course and its delivery. Data specific to People Vision trainers for the period 2013 – 2014 (sample size 15,142) is as follows:

  • 99.6% positive responses to: ‘the facilitator demonstrated sufficient knowledge of the subject’

  • 99.6% positive responses to ‘the facilitator communicated and presented information in a clear manner’

  • 99.3% positive responses to ‘the facilitator ran the event effectively’

  • 99.5% positive responses to ‘the facilitator made the event engaging and I felt able to participate.’

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