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Career Management

Career Management falls into the following headings:

  • Career Counselling

  • Talent Management

  • Executive Coaching

  • Outplacement

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As we cover Executive Coaching and Outplacement on other pages which

you can link to we will be focusing on Career Counselling and Talent Management.

Career Counselling

Employers may look for some help for employees to offer professional career counselling services. This service helps individuals with their working lives, personal development needs, career options and appraisals.

The benefits of outsourcing this task is the anonymity. Some individuals may want to discuss very personal situations and aspirations that they feel uncomfortable doing in front of a colleague.

Empowering employees to take more control of their own career and development needs often leads to increased job satisfaction, improved efficiency and retention of key staff. So why not consider it for your people?

Talent Management

The term Talent Management is banded around liberally in the Human Resources arena currently. We are not convinced at People Vision HR that everyone really knows what the term actually means!

Thorne and Pellant say Talent Management needs time and attention to happen; they suggest that it is the responsibility of all in the organisation to make it happen. Talent Management needs to have a holistic approach like quality management and health and safety. We can not give the responsibility to an individual and hope that it happens.

In the simplest form Talent Management is:


  • Understanding the skills the business has – importantly who are the "high potentials"?

  • Understanding who, how and when you want to develop.

  • Developing the relevant people.

  • Managing out underperformance.

  • Creating a structure of promotion.

  • Most importantly recognise that talent comes in many forms, artistic, strategic and great sales people all have talent.

The key is to know how to harness this talent to help your business achieve its corporate objectives.

People Vision HR are here to help so call us on 03454599710 or email if you need advice, training or support on Career Management.

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