Appraisal Interviews

Even the smallest of organisations may have an appraisal system of some description. Do you?


Line Managers usually love or hate this annual task! It appears, unfortunately, that the more senior the individuals are the less likely it is that they will be reviewed, (which is madness, as they are your biggest investment). We believe this is for a number of reasons:

Appraisal Interview Support
  • The manager and the individual have great rapport and feedback is given regularly on an informal basis and therefore both parties feel there is no need to take the time.

  • The manager does not believe that the process has value to the organisation.

  • The appraising manager e.g. the CEO is not skilled to carry out the meeting so puts it off.

  • The individual rather cleverly avoids the meeting.

The Benefits of Having a Robust Appraisal Process

At People Vision we believe that an appraisal process is only part of the bigger performance management agenda, but for now let's keep it simple.

The key benefits are:

  • To devise some SMART objectives that link with the business plan.

  • To create links between individual performance and how much we pay them.

  • To provide an opportunity to formally evaluate, thank and praise an individual and to record such conversations.

  • To keep channels of communication open and encourage feedback upward and across the organisation.

  • To provide an opportunity to discuss learning and development needs.

"What an appraisal system is not . . . it is not an opportunity to reprimand an employee or simply a paper exercise."

Top Tips


  1. Keep the documentation simple.

  2. Make it at the very least an annual event.

  3. Train your Line Managers so that they are equipped with the skills to have the challenging conversations that will undoubtedly occur during the meeting.

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