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Case Study – Albany Associates Ltd



Albany Associates Ltd is an International Communications Company, providing advice, training and solutions for governments, key leaders and civil society organisations, which are tailored to local culture and circumstances.

Vanessa Huertas has been working in London with the team at Albany acting as their outsourced Human Resource Consultant since the beginning of 2023.

Albany Associates logo. Blue and white.


Albany were looking for involved HR support and for someone to be present with their team as a point of contact, offering accessible HR to everyone and building relationships at all levels in the company. 

As a growing business, a lot of the MD’s time was being spent on HR work, and support was needed to take this away from him.  As well as looking at policies, processes and legal requirements, Albany wanted to also look at their overall employee experience.


As a starting point, Vanessa conducted a full HR audit on the business, reviewing documentation as well as speaking with members of the team to understand where the business was in terms of HR provision.  From this, a plan was created and signed off, with priority and focus areas identified. 

Weekly time onsite with the team, alongside an incredibly open and receptive to suggestions ethos from Albany, meant work could happen fairly quickly.

Objectives and target setting

A new framework for objective setting was introduced to the business and implemented with the team.  All line managers sat with their teams and set objectives that fit into the overall business aims and goals for the year. 

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

Vanessa worked with the team to set up a working committee who look at DE&I in the business.  An employee survey was conducted and actionable targets for the business set from this, using employee’s experiences and honest feedback to benchmark and move forwards with engagement and involvement from the team to help ensure the process is genuine and not just paying lip service.

Induction and new employee experience

Whilst the business has an induction process in place, this has been changed to give new starters to the business a more welcoming, informative start.  Knowing that first impressions are key for people starting a new role, Albany can now really showcase what a fantastic organisation they are to work for.

Policies, handbook and contract documents

A full review was done and changes made to both the contract and handbook.  As well as reformatting, the handbook in particular was updated with new policies, such as a policy on mental health at work, and reissued to the team.  In addition, documentation was produced for new, international employees based outside of UK employment legislation.


As well as more robust policies and documentation, Albany has a clear point of contact for their team for any HR questions and queries.  Having Vanessa as an inhouse consultant means that the working relationships continue to strengthen and the team can know and trust her, taking away the day-to-day HR work from the Managing Director and Office Manager, and leaving them to focus on their relevant areas of the business.  The people function continues to be elevated, with meaningful and robust strategies being implemented for improved employee experience.


Vanessa has become seen as part of the team quickly and offers the staff someone to talk to and she advises and assists where appropriate.  From a business perspective she is great to have around, as she brings a measured, mature approach, with good commercial acumen.  She supports the organisation and is trusted by us as it is clear that she has the company’s interests at heart.

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