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Advanced Employment Law


The Advanced Employment Law course is designed to teach employees the specific areas of the employment acts that have impacted HR professionals in their role. 

This course focuses on providing professionals with an in-depth look of the issues presented within employment law. Professionals will also be taught how to resolve these issues in a timely and effective manner. 

This session will help you understand a variety of situations and how to manage them in the fairest way. 

Who’s it For? 

  • Any HR employees who would like to learn employment law. It would also be beneficial for already experienced HR professionals who need to refresh their knowledge. 

What’s Covered? 

The Basics of Employment Law 

  • What is Employment Law? Know what the law means for you, your business and your employees. Learn the impact that the Law has had on business and how to stay within the Law. 

  • Why does the law exist? Know the purpose of the law and why it was created. How it impacts your employees. 

  • Who does Employment Law cover? Know the basics of who the law covers, how it affects them and how to stay within the law. 

Employee Contracts 

  • The 2020 Employee Contract Law. What is it? How does it affect you, your business and those around you? Making sure that you know the law and how to effectively apply it to your business. 

  • What are the different types of contracts? Do you know the difference? Evaluate different types of contracts and what they mean. Know which contracts you use in your business and why. Understand the pros and cons of each one. 

  • Lawful Employment Contracts, what are they? What do they contain and what does it mean for you and your employees? 

Disciplinary Procedure 

  • What is a fair disciplinary procedure? How to ensure that you are being as fair as possible. How these procedures affect you and your employees, and what support to offer if needed. The procedure to take if anything goes wrong. 

  • A Fair Penalty. Understand what a fair penalty is and evaluate if your practices are up to standard. If not, understand and learn what you can do to improve. 

  • Right of Appeal. What is the right to appeal, and how does this affect you, your business and the entire process? Understand what happens and how to deal with it. 

Minimum Wage and Living Wage 

  • 2020’s National Minimum Wage – Do you know it? Be able to understand the National Minimum Wage, confidently explain it and understand what impact it has on your employees and your business. 

  • Tracking the Working Hour – How do you and your business track your employee hours? Are you carrying it out correctly? Are your employees fully trained on pay and clocking in? 

Date & Venue

Date will be agreed once booking has been confirmed.
This training course can be run at your premises or we can provide a training venue.

Contact Details

For more information and costs please contact us on 0345 4599710 or email

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