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Absence Management

More than three-quarters of organisations report they record their annual employee absence rate (2014: 76%; 2013: 81%; 2012: 82%; 2011: 81%). In line with previous years’ findings, public sector organisations are most likely to record this information and private services the least (public sector: 91%; private services: 69%; manufacturing and production: 82% and non-profits: 84%).

*Source: CIPD Absence Management Report 2014


Do you know what the absence level is in your organisation?

In essence, absence is a problem for all employers, large or small and can vary between different sectors.

The following are the key steps that People Vision HR would carry out if absence was an issue within your team or organisation:

  • Ensure management commitment
  • Learn how absence affects profits
  • Examine how absence affects different parts of the workforce
  • Identify priority areas and targets for improvement
  • Assess causes of employee absence in your organisation
  • Develop an absence policy and procedure to ensure prevention of future absence such as return to work interviews
  • Develop positive initiatives

Benefits of Effective Absence Management

  • Fewer absences means increased efficiency for the individual and those around them
  • Improvements to the lives of:

a) The absentee
b) Those that cover them.

  • Greater likelihood of the organisation to achieve its corporate objectives

People Vision HR are here to help so please call us on 0345 4599710 or email info@pvhr.com if you need advice, training or support on Absence Management.

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